Sealed Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Solutions: Sealed Vapor Barrier

Energy savings and structural integrity are the two primary benefits of installing a sealed vapor barrier in your crawlspace.  By eliminating the intrusion of moist air coming up from the soil, your crawl space will no longer be draining energy from your home or draining money from your wallet.

The structural integrity of your home can be compromised if high levels of humidity begin to cause mold growth or dry rot on the supporting joists and subfloor.  Mold is considered a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO), and it can be just as harmful as an infestation of termites.

If you are shopping around for a company to perform work in your crawlspace, you need to make sure your bid includes the following aspects in the scope of work:

  1. Containment of contaminated air in work area.
  2. Removal of damaged material: vapor barrier and insulation (if appropriate).
  3. Treatment of Mold Damaged materials (if applicable).
  4. Installation of waterproof capillary break between the wooden supports and the soil.
  5. Installation of a continuous polyethylene vapor barrier with taped joints and seams, with special concentration on support posts.

Your crawl space is your first line of defense against moisture problems and energy inefficiencies.  Contact us today for information on our crawl space products.

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