Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation – are all vapor barriers the same?

If you are receiving multiple bids for your crawl space project, you are aware of the vast differences between Clean Crawls and our competition.  What separates us from the rest?

Environix takes a comprehensive approach to home health and home repair.  There are a variety of factors involved in making the right recommendation for vapor barrier installation.

  • Is there a history of drainage failures and standing water?
  • Is the soil registering a high moisture content?
  • Is there a history of pest infestation?
  • Is there a concern for odors permeating the subfloor and entering into the home?
  • Is the home losing energy due to excessive heat transfer?

In most cases, our recommendation cannot be made without visiting the home to assess these factors in person.  Our technicians are hands-on and they will assess all of the applicable factors before making a decision.

Clean Crawls offers:

  • Sealed Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Sealed and Taped Vapor Barrier Installation
  • Unsealed Vapor Barrier Installation

Call today for more information and we will get you scheduled for your crawl space inspection and proposal.

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