Concrete Vapor Emissions Testing

What is lurking beneath your carpet?

Note:  The following service is provided by our Environix, our local inspection partner.

Do you have reoccurring black spots on your carpet that you suspect might be mold?   If your carpet is over a concrete slab, and you have mysterious moisture spots and mildew odors, you might be observing the effects of water vapor coming up through your concrete.

This is an issue that must be addressed by a professional.  Before you spend money on sealing the foundation, you should have a qualified company take measurements about the rate of transfer of water vapor.  Environix has trained inspectors who will be happy to walk you through the process and perform testing for you.  Although this problem may not seem urgent, failure to act quickly and effectively may cause long-term mold damage to carpeting, furniture, and personal effects inside your home.

If you are concerned about moisture emissions through your concrete basement slab, call us today for a free phone consultation.

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