Concrete Vapor Emissions Sealing

How can I stop moisture that comes through my concrete slab?

Note:  The following services are offered by Environix, our local inspection and remediation partner.

Is your old foundation still an effective barrier against water perfusion, or is it letting water vapor pass through and causing increased moisture and relative humidity.  In the Pacific Northwest, there are a significant number of homes that have been remodeled and retrofitted to have basement apartments.  When these units have moisture pass through the concrete and into the home, it causes increased moisture that can cause mildew and mold damage on carpeting, furniture, and clothing.

Environix will perform concrete vapor emissions testing to determine the rate of moisture transfer at the site and our expert technicians will apply vapor sealant that will bond to the concrete and prevent water vapor and other hazardous vapors from entering your home.

We are testing a new system that uses very low levels of electricity to draw water molecules out of the concrete and repel them from the home.  This system is being designed by one of our partners and is still in the pilot testing phase, but it holds significant promise for residential and commercial application where an aging foundation is leading to increased moisture emissions.

Do you have questions or concerns about whether these services are right for you?  Call our office and have your questions answered by one of our friendly staff.

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