Insulation Removal

Is your crawl space insulation in a million pieces because of rodent disruption and nesting?

Rodents might be small, but the damage left in their wake can be a huge headache.  If your crawl space has been terrorized by rodents and burrowing animals, Environix is your solution for cleaning and repairing the damage that has been done.  Our trained technicians will put everything back in order so that your home is safe and healthy from the ground up.  Insulation removal will be conducted using negative air containment to ensure that fiberglass filaments are not circulated throughout the breathing space of your home.  Materials and supplies will be handled with care to protect the other systems such as crawl space ventilation, electric wiring, and sump pump drainage equipment.

Insulation removal is necessary anytime insulation has become wet due to flooding or damaged due to mold growth.  Special protective equipment should be worn when performing insulation removal in a crawl space or a confined area to protect your eyes and your respiratory system.  You owe it to yourself to call Environix for an inspection and a quote so that you can weigh your options.  We are confident that if you chose Environix, you will get the highest quality product and the best value.

Environix - The Crawl Space Experts.