Crawl Space Sealing

Are leaks in your crawl space driving up your energy bills?

Homes in the Puget Sound are designed to accommodate our unique climate where moisture and precipitation are expected for many months every winter, but our actual rainfall of only 36 inches, compared to 46 in New York City.  It’s not the amount of rainfall, but the overcast and humid conditions that make our homes a unique challenge.  When humid air is circulated into your crawl space, the foundation vents that were intended to decrease humidity are actually bringing in humid air.

Crawl space sealing is the process of sealing the gaps and cracks in your flooring that allow the moist air from the crawlspace to enter into your home.  The US Department of Energy has published an article that explains why air sealing is an energy saving practice that will cut down on excess heat and air conditioning use.  The more you isolate your home from the uncontrolled air in the crawlspace, you’ll see the savings in the electric bill and your breathing space is going to be significantly more healthy.

Crawl Space Sealing and Crawl Space Conditioning

Some groups of energy experts recommend a new method for saving on your energy bills: insulating and conditioning your crawlspace.  Although this method is still being developed and refined, the popular website has come out in favor of this process.  Attached is a link to the technical manual describing the conditioned crawlspace process.

Our certified technicians will perform an energy audit on your home to discover possible sources of air leakage in your crawl space are driving up your energy costs.  We will advise you regarding your options for crawl space sealing, crawl space conditioning, and crawl space ventilation.  Call us today for more information and a phone consultation.

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