Crawl Space Repair

Who should I hire to do the toughest crawl space repair work?

There’s a tough project in your crawl space that is more than you can handle?  Is it insulation removal, vapor barrier replacement, or deodorization?  Those projects are time intensive and laborious, but they are vital to the comfort and safety of your home.  Why don’t you have Environix take care of the details?  We will ensure that the finished product is warrantied by our lifetime warranty.

Your crawlspace might not be a top priority until something goes wrong.  When damage, dry rot, or wood destroying organisms are discovered, you cannot afford to delay.  Repair work in the crawlspace affects the structural adjustments and supports that affect the integrity of the entire building.  Clean Crawls will work with trusted partners to address these structural issues after mold or moisture damage have been remedied.

Call us today for a phone consultation on your specific project.  We will walk you through the issues and discuss your next steps.

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