Crawl Space Mold Removal

Is my crawl space built incorrectly?

Many homes that were built in the Northwest prior the 1980s were not built to meet current building standards.  The primary area that we deal with is in vapor barrier installation and sealing.  Our experience has demonstrated that most mold-related crawl space problems in Seattle or Tacoma are caused by high moisture content in the soil, or unidentified drainage issues in the crawlspace.

What can be done to protect my home?

Your home is an investment in your health, and your family’s health.  If unclean air is circulating through your crawlspace and up into the breathing space of your home, you will notice unpleasant odors and possible respiratory complications.

What are the vital steps in a mold removal protocol?

  1. Containment of the work area.  Removing your vapor barrier causes mold spores to become airborne, resulting in major mold contamination in your home.  To protect your property, we will set up containment and air filtration equipment.
  2. Removal of mold-damaged insulation. If your insulation is wet due to condensation or flooding, the material is no longer suitable for use and must be discarded.
  3. Removal of old vapor-barrier. Vapor barriers less than 6 mil in thickness are not sufficiently vapor resistant to be considered under our lifetime warranty.
  4. Application of antimicrobial agents. The first stage in our application is a biocide that is EPA approved and environmentally friendly.  It kills mold on contact without leaving unsafe chemicals or residues behind.  By using an Electrostatic Fogger, we will atomize antimicrobial particles to as small as 4 microns and force the antimicrobial agent to penetrate deep into the pores of the wood framing.
  5. Encapsulation of wood framing with antimicrobial barrier. Our second stage in the application is a heavy-duty encapuslant that serves to cover the inert mold spores and prevent them from becoming reactivated in the future.  In addition, our encapsulant covers unsightly staining that is left behind after the mold has been eliminated.
  6. Installation of 10 mil sealed vapor barrier. To protect your home against recurring problems with moisture and mold damage, the soil in the crawlspace will be covered with a thick 10 mil polyurethane barrier that is taped and sealed permanently to the foundation walls.

As you can see, there are a variety of specific factors that must be considered when we build a mold removal protocol for your home.  If you have questions about your project, or if you are ready to schedule an inspection, call Environix today for a phone consultation.  We will explain our process and walk you through the competitive advantage that our process has over our competition.

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