Basement Mold Removal

What is lurking in your basement?

Is your basement a rummage sale waiting to happen?  Is it a petri dish that is host to all sorts of dangerous odors, smells, and pet droppings?  Or is your basement an extension of your home, minus the windows and natural light?

Everyone has a unique basement.  Whether your basement is a wine cellar or a rodent infested mess, Environix has the experience and expertise to address basement flooding, basement mold growth, and basement cleanup in Seattle, Redmond, or Bellevue.  We work together with pest control experts to ensure that exclusion work is performed and your home is protected from any further issues.  We will assess the moisture levels and drainage issues to prevent flooding in your home.  We are also able to make recommendations for odor control and odor prevention at your request.

Whatever is lurking in your basement is no problem for Environix.  Please call us today for your free phone consultation.

Environix – The Mold Experts.