Crawl Space Cleanup

When is the last time you were in your crawl space?

If you’re like most of us, the only time you’ve seen the area beneath your home was during the initial inspection when you purchased the house.  This is understandable; crawl spaces are not exactly enticing.   Nevertheless, the crawlspace forms an instrumental part of your home and can have a dramatic effect on the indoor air quality.

Why do homes have a crawl space?

Three main options exist when constructing a home: slab on grade, basement or crawlspace.  Crawlspaces are often selected because they are inexpensive to construct, offer a level surface on even terrain, and provide easy access to HVAC, plumbing and electrical services.  Crawl space usage varies widely depending upon which part of the country you reside.  For example, crawlspaces are very common in the Northwest and Southeast, yet uncommon in the Southwest.

What goes wrong?

Crawl space problems fall into three primary categories.  Each of these issues are explored in more detail on the following pages.

What is typically involved in a crawl space cleanup project?

No two projects are the exact same, but in many cases, they share similar components.  The following is an outline of a typical crawl space cleanup project.

  1. Initial Inspection.  First, our technicians inspect the entire crawlspace, searching for signs of moisture, mold, pest and insulation problems.  A summary of the findings is presented to the client for review.
  2. Remove Damaged Materials.  Depending on the extent of the damage, the vapor barrier and insulation are often removed.
  3. Remediate Remaining Materials.  Existing materials are cleaned and treated.  All mold growth and pest debris is removed.
  4. Exclusion Work.  Possible rodent entrance points are properly sealed to prevent a recurrence of infestation.
  5. Air Seal.  Penetrations and air leakage points between the crawlspace and main living area are sealed.
  6. Vapor Barrier Install.
  7. Insulation Install.

If you would like information specific to your project, or if you are ready to schedule your crawl space inspection or estimate, please call us today!

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