Crawl Space Fans

Installing a crawl space fan, may be a useful way to vent humidity and unwanted odors from the crawlspace.  The installation of these fans should be done by a trained professional, and recommendations for fan type, air flow, and control switches are made on a case by case basis.

Why might I need a crawl space fan?

  • Crawl space is currently unvented, and any excess humidity cannot be adequately exhausted.
  • Crawl space has unmanageable odors, that easily infiltrate into home.
  • Crawl space has naturally occurring high humidity, and passive ventilation is not sufficient to maintain appropriate humidity levels.
  • Crawl space is designed to be sealed and unvented.

What type of controls can I have for my crawl space fan?

  • Humidistat – crawl space fan is activated once a set level of humidity is detected.
  • Thermostat- crawl space fan is activated once a set temperature is detected.
  • Rheostat- crawl space fan is adjustable to change volume of air movement based on home owners needs.
  • Timer- crawl space fan is set on a schedule to run at certain times of day.
  • Constant- crawl space fan will run continuously and without the need for adjustment.