Image of moldy crawl space in Seattle

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Mold. Water damage. Flooding.  No matter what crawlspace problem you’re suffering from, we’ve got you covered.  Our passion for healthy indoor environments leaves no stone unturned. With Environix you won’t find pushy salesman trying to sell you expensive testing or bogus crawl space products.  You will simply find highly competent consultants ready to offer suitable solutions.


  • Moisture investigations.  Water in crawl space is a common issue in Western Washington.  When the water table is close to the surface or the drainage is setup improperly, the crawl space is the first place water will collect.  Thankfully, crawlspaces are quite resilient and can endure minor periodic pooling of water without suffering permanent damage.  However, if water remains in a crawlspace for an extended period, complications can occur.  Our job is to identify not only the extent of the moisture intrusion, but also the source.  The last thing your home needs is an expensive sump pump setup if a simple redirecting of the downspouts will solve the problem.
  • Mold Inspection.  We also provide investigations for mold in the crawlspace.  Though fairly unusual in older homes, mold growth in the crawlspace during the initial build-out.  This occurs when the subfloor and framing become saturated by the rain while the home is under construction.   Often this situation is compounded by a delay in installing the vapor barrier.  Many contractors wait until the home is completed to install the vapor barrier.  This introduces a tremendous amount of moisture into an already water logged area.
  • Mold Removal & Remediation.  Identifying the source and extent of the mold is only part of the problem.  Next, the mold growth must be removed and the crawlspace returned to normal operating conditions.

Environmental Services:

  • Lead Testing.  The EPA recently implemented strict new requirements for lead testing and abatement in residential homes.  We can help you comply with the new rules and keep your family safe.
  • VOC Testing.  Utilizing the latest in PID technology, we can identify both the type and extent of elevated chemical levels in your home or building.
  • Asbestos Testing  We provide full asbestos inspection and testing services.  Check out our asbestos site for more info.